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                                                                              Jelly purchase tips
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                                                                               Jelly is edible seaweed glue or other kinds of edible vegetable gum, sugar, fruit juice as main raw material, supplemented by a variety of fruit, spices, pigments, preservatives and other food additives and processing into jelly food. According to the contents of jelly, divided into fruit, fruit juice, pulp type, milk and other type of jelly. Fruit jelly refers to the fruit juice content of less than 15% of the jelly; juices jelly refers to the fruit juice content of not less than 15% of the jelly; pulp jelly refers to contain not less than 15% of fresh or processed pieces of fruit or fruit jelly; milk jelly to add raw milk or dairy products processing business into the jelly; the other type to the type other than jelly jelly.

                                                                                      In order to assure the safety of edible jelly products, consumers should bear in mind "in four to buy jelly":
                                                                                      One, purchase channels to formal
                                                                                      Should as far as possible to the credibility of some large shopping malls, large supermarkets to buy good, these distribution enterprise stock control on the distribution of products, distribution of products quality and customer service service guarantee.
                                                                                      Two, the packaging label to specification
                                                                                      Buy jelly, packaging should be clean, no leakage Water Leakage, writing clear printing, label complete formal. The regular manufacturers of products should be marked with the name of the label name, QS mark, manufacturer and distributor of the address, and the list of ingredients, net content, product type, production date, shelf-life, and performing standard code, storage guidelines etc..
                                                                                      Three, appearance and taste to normal
                                                                                      At the time of purchase to avoid buying color too bright jelly products. The beautifully colored products often contain synthetic colorants. In addition, to see whether the ingredients to add preservatives and sweeteners. Preservatives and sweet products agent is a synthetic additives, eating too much is bad for children's body.
                                                                                      The jelly should be no foreign impurities visible to the naked eye, have normal color, consistent with its variety of flavor, without peculiar smell. Gel jelly to the original morphological remained in the out of the package, the organization moderate soft, elastic, delicate, uniform, no obvious floc. Can suck jelly organization delicate, uniform, no obvious floc. Jelly added in the pulp or other edible solid raw materials should be normal tissue morphology.
                                                                                      Four, edible method to safety
                                                                                      Due to the self protective mechanism of children's body is not complete, easy to appear in the eating jelly jelly into the tracheal or bronchial foreign body, organ formation cause suffocation. Therefore, jelly on the label are marked "note: Children's old don't gulp swallowed, to prevent the choke throat", "baby don't eat" and other warnings. Below 1 years old baby should prohibit edible jelly. Preschool children edible gel jelly, must eat the guardians of the guidance.
                                                                                      If smoking or ingestion of jelly easily into the trachea, tracheal dilatation with change shape, not easy eduction and dangerous, therefore, do not suck jelly gel, the best bite to eat or to spoon feeding. In addition, it is recommended not to buy smaller jelly, try to buy larger or strip type and jelly products drinkable.
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